He is a perfectionist in everything he does.
Nothing in his work is left to chance, everything is considered and planned down to the last detail.
A project starts by listening and turning customers’ dreams into realizable plans, constantly striving for excellence and a personal view, important principles that guide Salvagni in his interior design.
Every project is a unique opportunity to take the Cients beyond their expectations. Making deep connections with the tradition of each location, he believes that an interior is not only designed for a client, but also about a client and therefore should serve as a “self portrait” of the occupant reflecting its culture and a way of life.
He applies this rigorous approach with a highly individual touch, contributing an atmosphere of pleasure and calm. He strongly believes that every person needs memories, a collection of personal mementos, the house of a collector, a place to display and balance in harmony the things we love.
Salvagni’s vision has little to do with the taste of the moment. As well as his eclectic eye, he possesses, to the highest degree, that subtle and precious ability to deal with real elegance and discretion, mixing things that don’t belong together and playing with styles with a flair for narrative interiors. He is evolving more and more toward mixtures and turning away from the “total look” concept.
He loves to discover things, finding inspiration from travelling experiences, and by his passion for art collecting. Today Achille Salvagni leads a Studio with eleven qualified designers who share his continuous research in design excellence and his passion and enthusiasm when offering the Clients a flawless service, completely personalized to the last detail. A timeless and exclusive style singles out Achille Salvagni’s Atelier, a place where creativity and craftsmanship get together for the creation and realization of unique spaces and pieces of bespoke furniture with a couturier attitude.

Born in Rome in 1970.
He graduates in architecture in Rome with Honours
in 1998.
From 1999 he is a member of the National Registered Architects Association in Rome.
He had several studying and working experiences in Sweden at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, in Finland and England.

2000. Begins his architectural and interior design practice.

2002. Sets up his own studio, “SalvagniArchitetti”, a multidisciplinary firm for architecture and interior design, developing projects for residentials, luxury apartments and yachts.

2007. “Mikymar” – 36 meters motoryacht wins the “World Yachts Trophies Award” as best yacht over 24 meters in the Interior Design category.

2012 – “Numptia” – 70 meters motoryacht gets the Judges Special Award for the “INTERIOR DESIGN WITH THE WIDEST APPEAL”.